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Photovoltaic Designs and Proposals

A system design takes into consideration how much electricity you use over time, in kilowatt hours, and calculates how large a system is needed for the amount of your bill you wish to offset. We developed our own calculating program using the formulas and practices taught by SEI (Solar Energy International). The proposal includes which manufacturer of the components would be used and is customized to your needs. All drawings necessary and required for permits and applications needed for the project are provided when needed. Even estimates about financing, loan providers, loan amortization, and potential net savings can also be provided.

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Home Energy Audits

An audit of how energy is used in your home can help in planning out how to best save on your electric usage while you are looking for alternative energy solutions. Especially when thinking of an off-grid photovoltaic system which is reliant on battery storage, an energy audit is required. The cost of an audit could be offset 2-fold by the savings achieved in the reduction of battery storage cost. The audit identifies those places where savings in electrical usage would reduce the size of a solar system and, therefore, reduce the cost.

Energy Conservation

Energy saving techniques don't just mean behavioral changes in how you use energy, but would entail caulking cracks causing air leaks, adding insulation to attic spaces, changing out old and inefficient appliances, and employing new technologies to more efficiently run your household.

On-Site Solar Surveys

A survey is required before any solar installation can occur. The survey identifies potential problems with shading and structural issues. It is used to locate the best placement of the modules and panels in order to capture the most solar radiation. Through the survey, the final calculation of power production is done to provide you with the knowledge of your solar potential.

Full Installation and Project Management

The management of the installation project can be cumbersome and tedious for the average homeowner to handle. As NABCEP Associates, we follow the NEC code for all our installations. Through our knowledge base, experience, and contacts, EarthStar can assume that role and provide a seamless point of contact for your project.

Maintenance, Repair and Service

Once your solar system is installed, you may have concerns about what to do. Our own work is warrantied but you may have additional servicing needs. Although solar is generally considered low maintenance, operation, maintenance, and service contracts can help insure that you get the most out of your investment. And what happens if your installer goes out of business? EarthStar can help with that, too.

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