About Us

EarthStar Energy focuses first on the client’s need or desire for energy savings, either at home or at their business; not necessarily trying to sell a solar-only solution. Research has validated our belief that the cost of energy conservation is less expensive, and has a higher energy dollar value than simply using any single energy production system such as solar.

EarthStar has the years of experience, education, and technical ability to provide the full-scope of solutions for a client’s energy needs. We work with the client in research and auditing to determine their energy needs, and then walk them through the options to achieve their best value.

We identify and review the client’s need using a multi-step philosophy much like “reduce-reuse-recycle” to determine real energy value for the client. We also have the privilege and versatility of purchasing any energy product brand desired by the client. With zero money down and no change to your monthly household budget, you can control and own your solar power production. Reap all the benefits from ownership, such as the federal tax rebate, and increased home value. No need to pay anyone else for your electricity.

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